‘Kannada oodi bare’ is a Kannada Learning text book meant for non – Kannada Mother tongue speakers (learners). Who belongs to other states and countries.

This book contents four parts. Part I deals with basic Kannada letters in four steps. Step I : Identify alphabets through the pictures. Step II : Learning alphabets and words. Step III : Identify the letters that have learnt and write them. Step IV Different types of Exercises.

II Part deals with lesson for guNitakshara under this I step is the structure of guNitakshara. II Step is look at the given picture and read the simple sentences. III step is Identify the guNitakshara, pronounce and write them. IV step is various patterns of Exercises. This will help to further improve the learners command over the Kannada Language.

III Part deals with lesson for clusters. The clusters have been classified into three parts such as:

  1. Direct original letters clusters
    2. Relate similar to original letters clusters
    3. Different shapes of the letters as clusters

Direct original letters clusters analyze in four steps. I step deals with Identify the clusters through the picture. II step learnt clusters and words. III step Identify the clusters that have learnt pronounce them and write them. In the same way the two parts are dealt with.

Kannada hand writing system is Anti clock wise. The letters in this book are arranged into 8 group on their shape similarity and contrastive perception. The Arrow mark shows the beginning and the direction of the hand movement.

Part IV aims social and cultural information about Karnataka. The part I, II, III are given in roman Transcription. In this parts learners learn complete structure of Kannada letters. In this book, English translation is given only for word level and not for pharases and sentences.