A.N. krishna rao
“Annapurna”, Visweswarapuram
Bangalore City (South India)
೧st  November, ೧೯೪೪

My dear friend,

I have been wanting to write to you from a long time. I have been putting it off  hoping to meet you and have a heart to heart talk. After seeing your recent collection “Soviet Russia Mathu Kogile” I Simply can not refrain from writing to you to convey my cordial thanks and warm appreciation. It is superb, invigorating and timely. I have always looked upon you as one of our rare minds unbiassed and unprejudiced. Your book bears ample testimony to my remark.

I Saw Shri Masthis review on your “Shudra Thapaswi” and also Shri Nagaraja Raos so-called reply. To allege that you are communal minded is not only far from Truth but also height of folly. I have read your play carefully and I see the revolt of the younger generation portrayed. I wish you would reply Shri Masthi and deny the charge of communal bias.

I Want you to do a favour for me. I hope you know that I am editing a commemoration volume on the Great Russian writer Maxim Gorki. I will be thankful if you can send me a contribution on some aspect of his literary art. If exigencies of time does not permit you to send me a lengthy contribution I request you to send me a Poem as a tribute to Gorki. I want some contribution from you for the work.

How far has your Ramayana advanced. I am keenly looking forward to that work. I am sure it will be something out of the way. I hope this will find you and your family in the best of health and cheer.

Yours Cordially


Shri. K.V. Puttappa, M.A.