D.V. Gundappa
Nagasandra Road, Basavanagudi Post
Bangalore City (South India)

January ೧೮, ೧೯೪೪

My dear friend,

Just a line to express the great joy your paper on ಆತ್ಮಶ್ರೀ has given me. It is beautiful writing filled with beautiful illumination. The vedic passages are among my favourites.

Your verse on ಮಂ.ತಿ.ಕ. I will treasure as a rare gem.

I Wish I had the power to make your know how often I have wished and wished how very eagerly!- to get an opportunity of spending some time in your company. I Wish we could go somewhere… “far far from the madding crowd”, sit there with only mother Nature for companion and witness, and talk of things or not talk at all, so spending hour after hour in quiet and repose. Alas, the wish must wait. You live so, far away from my place! I am thankful I had an opportunity of at least physically seeing you on Sunday.

I trust your health is all right now. With all good wishes.

Yours affectionately
D.V. Gundappa
K.V. Puttappa, M.A.
Bangalore City