(The song of the Universal Man)


Be unhoused, O my soul!
Only the Infinite is your goal.

Leave those myriad forms behind.
Leave the million names that bind.
A flash will pierce your heart and mind
And unhouse you, O my soul!

Winnow the chaff of a hundred creeds.
Beyond these systems, hollows as reeds,
Turn unhorizoned where Truth leads,
To be unhoused, O my soul!

Stop not on the unending way.
Never build a house of clay.
The quest is endless. Night and day,
There can be no end to your play
When you are unhouse, O my soul!

The infinite’s Yoga knows no end.
Endless the quest you apprehend.
You’ll grow infinite and ascend
When you are unhoused, O my soul!

Translated by Prof. V. K. GOKAKA