Fare you well, dear daughter,
your eyes filled with dreams,
on your journey to new life,
may all your dreams come true.

The torrent of your love
has carried us, your parents,
thus far, and from now on
your journey should commence.

Our life’s balance sheet-
we have spent
what we have earned.

We, your parents,
have walked together
and sat down by the way side,
tired. Then the clouds gathered firm
over the distant rocky hills
and we were aware of the thunderbolt
waiting to strike.

When it rained,
losing our balance,
we did slip.
The pouring clouds above
and the slippery ground below,
uncertain of the future
we prayed the lord to light our paths.

Then, your avatara!
It immersed us in songs that were green
poured the pure moonlight all around
and we were the rising tide of the full-moon-light.
Growing before our very eyes,
the magic of the mind, when you, my daughter.
The bud blossoming to a flower
is no small miracle,
and you made us feel it.

In our attempt to reach the destination
we did end up somewhere
becoming something else.
There is so much to learn from failure.
Much that we sowed we didn’t reap,
and we wish all that will grow and ripen in you.

If you find the light we made here to be wanting
kindle a lamp your own
and burn in love, burn and brighten up.
Just say, “the burden of this yoke of life
is god’s mercy.”

The sun should know his duty–
to light. If not, forget him.
Even without the sun
the little plant should know
the miracle of fruit.

This body, the house of time,
This is not the end.
There are worlds beyond.

Let not the dreams rest
till the shore is reached.
You know, of course, where it is–
the beyond. It is far beyond the horizon.