For the police, for their dogs,
and even for the journalists,
his death has remained
an unsolved mystery.
Those who are familiar
only with the usual cases
that whistle in the police files,
can never digest this fright.
Not that it cannot be said-
He committed adultery with his own shadow.
And that shadow strangled him.
It is not a matter to laugh away.

He was like this from his childhood.
If he saw his shadow he bleated for love
like a billy-goat.

The way he aroused himself when alone,
the way he jumped in horseplay with the shadow,
the wonder in dreaming his eyes
at the postures of the shadow
as it danced in the lantern light,
his giggles when he put his arms
around the shadow’s neck
and in its armpit,
the pleasant pains his ribcage felt
as he danced pushing himself
against the shadow on the wall,
his longing in the darkness,
his wooing by daylight,
what does it all add up to?
As he made love to his phantom
in the mirror, and sang love-songs for it,
the neighbourhood girl sobbed.
That’s not such a big thing after all!
So far so good.
The other night,
in the small hours
before he died,
wishing for solitude
he brought a lantern.
As he continued playing hopscotch with the shadow,
caressing it and lovingly invading it–

another lantern swayed
far away in the heights,
that was suspended without support
like the sun in the sky,
like the smiling moon,
like the star reflected in a deep well,
like a drop of dew smiling on a leaf of grass,
like the greatness of truth and the glitter of falsehood!
Choking dark fear was lingering there
and another shadow appeared here.

That shadow crossed this shadow.
The kid caught in between was distraught.
Fearful, hurt and weeping
he returned to his room.

The shadow from the lantern on the wall
danced and danced
and entwining him like a noose round his neck
and he struggling,

his mouth gaping
his rigid body stiffening
his hand helplessly stretching

his life-breath flew away.
May his soul,
now beyond all duality,
have peace.

The shadow still sticks on the wall
like Jesus on his cross
has remained an unsolved mystery
for the police, their dogs
and to the journalists.

Do you need evidence?
Look, my body has two shadows now!