How can I forget you,
even if I want to,

You saw through the trick of five elements,
a new world shone before your eyes.
Desiring to give the cipher a shape
and build a wall round the space
and to remake the living and lifeless things,
desiring to bring down a brand new sun

You wanted to dam the stream of tears,
and bridge the bank of rivers of blood.
Rooting, yourself in fathomless waters
you became a torch with a blazing head,
you made a chariot of the broken souls
drawn by the horses of ten avataras,
you the god of ten horses, said
“Look, I have come, the self-same Sun.”

Set everything aflame, you stood on the fence
and exiled the great ones into caves and tombs.
You beckoned Kailasa, sowed yellow,
grew yellow, and reaped yellow.
Even the flowers were yellow on the barbed fence.
You renamed every colour yellow
but, were blind to your own jaundiced eye.

The sole king of ragged-browed beggars
the sole king of famished pot-bellies
in spite of daily reports of birth and death
you took a new birth every day.
You taught death to half the world
and yet failed to learn how to die.

A cupola appeared on the wall,
your life became a legend, a myth
an illusion that disappeared in the empty space.
The flame died out and yet the light remained.

How can I forget you,
even if I want to,