A tree by the side of a lake,
and another within.

Above–the real tree
and below–the tree reflected.

One shivers when the waves appear
and the other smiles.

But remember, the tops are two
and yet the root is one for these trees.

As you climb up the one
you climb down the other.
Your head will be held high as you climb
and turned down as you climb down the other.
The blue field above
its reflection below
and one silence in both of them.

Think that you will become thin air
as you climb up.
But remember,
you are destined to come down.
Going up is your decision.
Coming down is something beyond you.

Those who climb up
will reach the heaven-
it is said.
We are not sure.
But those who drown
will reach down,
it is certain.

The point of merging of the real tree
and the tree reflected has vanished.
And that is the tragic flaw of this story.

That’s why, I’ll tell you,
my friend, even if you climb up
you can’t help hanging your head downwards.
Jump, reach the bottom,
and search the vanished land-
search and live.